5 Must follow Tips while Booking your Wedding Photographer

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What do we live for? Just to fulfill the purpose and then leave? Certainly the answer is a ‘no’. Then what is the justification of being alive? Life is long as well as a short journey. We live to create memories and store them in memoirs. And what else other than the art of photography can solve the purpose!

Photos and videos are the best way to live up your most memorable moments. One of such jubilant memories can be ‘marriage’.

An epic wedding is the dream of everyone. Starting from the rituals performed in early phase of wedding till vidaai, every moment is so precious that when we get the flashback of those moments, it brings joy with a sprinkle of tears on our face. And that is exactly why we live! We live to collect moments of happiness.

Capturing the big day’s moments has become one of the crucial parts. Cheers to modern day photography that has hilariously solved the cause. There are enormous number of photographers in the market which implies a dilemma:- which photographer to choose?

Here are some points to take into consideration before finalizing your wedding photographer and the steps to follow:-

Things to keep in mind before Finalizing your Wedding Photographer

1. An estimation-

The hectic schedules of wedding make it a prolonged function. You need to estimate for how long the wedding will continue and what rituals you want to capture. Again payment is a vital part so you need to set a benchmark budget I.e. how much you are willing to pay. Keep a note of every plan as well as the actual activity for easy comparison.

2. Selection of a pool-

World is a global village and every nook and corner is a marketplace. There is no scarcity of what you are looking for. But the ‘wise’ always brainstorms before going for what he wants. You can easily fetch the contacts of the photographers through internet or from people’s references i.e. word of mouth. The basic step of selecting a pool is ‘ponder over their performances and experiences, evaluate them and go through their package. Choose the alternatives that best suit your range.’

3. Current budget-

Look after your present budget and see if you can acquire extra amount of funds for opting a better photographer. But it is highly recommended not to take huge amount of loans which you cannot repay.

4. Interview your alternatives-

After you have fixed your price range, negotiate with the alternatives, have a chit chat. Thorough analysis of their career and experience is required for drawing the befitting conclusion.

5. Negotiation with the photographer-

Treat him/her not as your job doer but as a part of your wedding. Be frank about your culture and the rituals you follow, apprise them what exactly you want in your wedding album, know your photographer well and discuss about the events to be performed. Negotiation on money matters is an essential part and hence come to a mutual agreement. Most importantly appreciate their work. Your words can literally boost their motivation level and they might work better for you.

So basically our final reach is building up happy moments and memories so when we look back at the correspondent photographs, there is another opportunity for us to cherish that love and joy again.

As Ed Sheeran sang,

We keep this love in a photograph

We made these memories

For ourselves

Where your eyes are never closing

Our hearts were never broken

And time’s forever frozen, still!

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