How to Plan your Weddings amid Covid-19 : Do’s & Don’t s

partyboks weddings amid covid

There’s always someone or something to test your love and dedication. And what else can be a better precedent than covid pandemic. This Shaadi season is completely shattered due to the horrific Corona situation and so many weddings have been postponed/cancelled.

It is a hard time for each one of us and especially for them who were about to get married. The butterfly feeling got crushed right after the country saw a spurt in covid cases and lockdown was imposed.

Alas, this too shall pass. Yes love birds! Start the prep. You can still marry your love. This is a time where you think about yourself and also prioritize the world at large. Although you cannot opt for an extravagant wedding but who needs it when you have a chance to say a proper goodbye or a glad welcome to the place you were born and brought up: “YOUR HOME”.

Every corner of your home is filled with memories and starting a new phase of life within the same walls is just a bonanza. Not everyone is fortunate or blessed to have an option like this.

Recently The Times of India reported that a couple from Chandigarh tied the knot with a very minimum guest list- 5 to be precise. And to be honest, the love and blessings of family overpowers the lavish wedding ceremony with huge number of guests. Now that the government has declared that not more than 50 guests will be allowed for a wedding, it is a great deal for them who had to see a hindrance in their marriage. But this does not mean that we exploit the given “freedom”.

Here are some matter of thoughts to be looked upon:

  • Make sure that the place of accommodation is proportional to the number of guests, i.e, you have enough space for the invitees.
  • Shopping, catering, photography and those of the same category are an inseparable part of a wedding. It is advisory to adopt minimalism but if doing so then do not come in direct contact of them.
  • Wear 3-layered masks since so many people are involved and wash/sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Do not touch your eyes or nose unless and until required.
  • Do not use your hands for sneezing. Use tissue or your sleeves(worst case scenario) and immediately wash your hands. Dispose the tissue.
  • Avoid travelling long distances.
  • Make sure that you have informed in the nearest police station about the gathering to happen just for “safety”.
  • Avoid salads in the menu or any raw food item since the cook directly touches the veggies to prepare them and intake of such kind of item can be a threat.
  • Guests must sanitise their hands before entering and this facility must be kept available at the threshold itself.
  • Always keep extra number of masks.
  • If anyone shows any kind of symptom then consult the doctor without delay and take proper medication. “Do not self medicate. “ Or at the least self isolation can also be opted.
  • Social distancing norms must be strictly followed.

Covid has surely impacted every nook and corner of the globe but being a responsible citizen and cooperating with the government can assist us overcome all the odds.

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