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The Ultimate Makeup touch for this Shaadi Season!

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Marriage, the most vital chapter of every individual who witnesses it. The intrinsic value of marriage carries a lot of gravity in the form of emotions in the lives of women specifically. The chapter of marriage for a woman is perhaps one of the best of its category.

In a wedding, many rituals and rasam are performed which are the main highlights. When it comes to rsams, obviously looking gorgeous is what needs to be focused.  And of course it is the bride who is the centre of attraction in any wedding and all the limelight is on her.

For a bride to look good on her wedding is the most important factor to be concentrated on. What else than a bridal makeup can solve the purpose on the big day?! The compliment factor can also be acquired through this.

A wedding comprises of different rasams, mainly engagement,haldi, mehndi, sangeet and the wedding. Each event has its own significance and hence an attire accordingly is worn. Now, to match the outfit a promising makeup is supposed to be applied.


It is the official event of “the promise to tie the knot”. It signifies not only the connection of the bride and the groom but also their families. Brides! Nude is the new gorgeous. Over the past decade nude makeup has flourished to a great extent. Nude truly reflects the inner self and portrays boldness. Go bold with nude!

A smooth start for the makeup procedure must be ensured i.e. , moisturising, application of primers and pore shutting creams must be done in order to prep the skin. This actually goes with every kind of makeup look and minimizes the chances of uneven and patchy makeup ensuring a glowing healthy skin. Foundation, concealer and powder which are applied must give a matte finish look rather than a glittery look since matte these days is highly given preference and prioritized. Smokey eye look always goes well with nude makeup and hence accentuates the overall appearance. Bold eyeliner game can be done along with the smokey eye thing. And last but not the least, the lipstick shade to be applied must be chosen wisely. Nudes of brown is highly recommended rather than others.


We all know the antioxidants present in turmeric and hence is used from ancient times to get naturally glowing fresh skin. On the eve of haldi everything is tinged with yellow outlook just to mark it’s sanctity. For the rasam of haldi, it would be highly suggested to go for a natural and minimal makeup look rather than a heavy one. Ofcourse prep the skin by applying moisturizer and other needy products like pore closing cream. Minimal application of foundation, concealer and powder is recommended to pop out the natural look. Put Kajal or kohl just to get the defined eyes and mascara application can be heavy to get fuller lashes. But girls! The blush game is on and obviously rock a red lip. Even if too much of blush won’t be a big deal since it enhances the natural look. Although this would do but if you want to have a very defined and toned look then go for a bronzer and do not forget to highlight your cheekbones, t-zone and the collar bones for the sassy look.


A bonhomie gathering of both bride’s and groom’s families to celebrate their newly established bond. Definitely the spotlight is on the bride and it’s very mandatory for her to be on the sheen and gleam of Sangeet. For sangeet, the makeup look should be quite shimmery and a highlighted one.

The glittery eye drama is in an increasing trend. So brides, make sure you get a high definition makeup look on your Sangeet.

Put on shiny dress (may it be lehenga or gown etc), go for a highlighter on fleek game and velvety textured lip colour.


Anecdotally, Priyanka Chopra had wore a colourful dress on her mehndi function and her makeup was minimal. Similarly Anushka Sharma had also worn an outfit with floral print and had experimented with colours for her outfit. For the eve of mehndi, go colourful on account of your outfit and a bit natural when it comes to makeup. Defined brows, colourful eyeshadow but on a minimum amount, blushed cheeks and pink nudes for lip can be a great combination.

The Wedding

Well, it is the most awaited day for every woman. A life changing moment it is! And who will not want to look gorgeous on their big day?! A bride can choose any colour for her wedding viz, Anushka Sharma had picked a baby pink look whereas Deepika Padukone had picked a red outfit. Both their makeup matched with their outfit immensely. Anushka’s makeup popped out her natural beauty whereas Deepika’s heavy smokey eye look won the hearts of many. Priyanka Chopra was adorned in a red lehnga and her lips popped out in red lipstick. You can absolutely go for a minimal makeup look or a heavy one according to your outfit.

Even the time of wedding has a direct influence on your makeup . Like, if the wedding is in day time then minimum makeup would do well but if it is in the night time then heavy makeup will be more appropriate.

Again it is completely the choice of the bride in whichever way she wants to be groomed. Makeup is just an embellishment on your skin to make you look flawless. Evidently, foundation and other products used are a tone lighter than your original shade. It is not very right to do so. Rather put makeup that exactly portrays you but in a refined manner. Indians do have different skin shades but we must also learn to celebrate our own skin tone and pop up our natural shade.

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