Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your booking by calling our Customer Support helpline on 706-444-3-222


For all services; a 30% non-refundable service retainer is required to book and hold the date for your service and serves as a cancellation fee. However, in case of any postponement of any services if slots are available the company will provide services and maximum allowed postponement from the initial booking date will be only once (1) and within 1 year of the original event date. . All remaining balances are due at the time of the service.

To initiate return contact our customer support once your request is approved we will process your refund within 2-3 days .
The refund amount will be credited back into your bank in 6-7 business days

Force Majeure

The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation due to a Force Majeure Event. A Force Majeure Event means an event beyond the control of a party, which by its nature could not have been foreseen or, if it could have been foreseen, was unavoidable, and includes, without limitation, acts of God, storms, floods, riots, fires, sabotage, civil commotion or civil unrest, interference by civil or military authorities, acts of war or armed hostilities or other national or international calamity or one or more acts of terrorism or failure of energy sources. For the avoidance of doubt, it does not include circumstances where the Photographer(s) attend an Event to perform the Services and any of the Parties fail to attend.



For weddings and events, if the CLIENT cancels before the wedding date due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the COMPANY will keep the the event retainer fee paid to hold the wedding or event date as a cancellation fee. Cancellation must be made in writing, or by e-mail. However, if the CLIENT requires to change or postpone the wedding date due to COVID-19, we will do our best to accommodate the change and no fee will be charged as long as the new date is available and within 1 year of the original event date.  If our team is not available for the new date, the original contract will be cancelled and subject to the cancellation policy.

In the unlikely event that our team from the COMPANY is unable to perform to the guidelines of this contract due to an injury, illness, act of God, act of terrorism, or other cause beyond the control of the COMPANY including the COVID-19 outbreak, the COMPANY will make every effort to secure a replacement. If the situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of 30% (For all services except photography) and 40% (For Photography) of the retainer fee received for the EVENT(S). In the unlikely event that digital files have been lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons beyond the COMPANY’s control, including but not limited to camera, hard drive, or equipment malfunction, the COMPANY liability is limited to the return 40% of the retainer fee received for the EVENT(S). The COMPANY is not liable for the loss of images subsequent to the final delivery of all products included in the package.

Copyright :

Wedium reserves the right to use the images for promotional and publishing purposes. We work hard to achieve something different every time and as artists it is important to showcase our work. The client(s) hereby allows us to display any photograph covered by this contract and to generally promote the business in advertising, brochures, magazine articles, websites, sample albums etc. The Client(s) can share the images online and on social media. We do not and will not sell any images of our client unless permitted as we respect their privacy and honour our professional bond. However if the client wishes not to share any of their belongings with us including Photo, Video, there will be additional charges for the same.