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Luxury Pre-bridal Package

Luxury Pre-bridal package consists of premium products and is completely personalised to suit your skin & hair.  

Premium Pre-bridal Package

Premium Pre-bridal package covers all the pre-requisites of a bride before her wedding with added premium products.  

Basic Pre-bridal Package

Basic Pre Bridal Package covers the bare minimum things that a bride needs to do before her wedding.  

To look your best, you need time. We at Wedium understand that. You have to start caring for your tender skin weeks before the actual wedding ceremonies start. Therefore, at Wedium we have come up with the best pre-bridal packages in Bhubaneswar that will really start caring for your skin and groom you into the best looks possible, when the main event starts. There are multiple steps, and different makeup and grooming sessions that will go to make you look like a star of this special day, and we at Wedium want you to look the most glamorous.

Pre Bridal Package in Bhubaneswar

Being a bride is not easy in a wedding. You have to plan and prepare yourself for being the best self. You have to look like no other, and be the most gorgeous on every occasion of the wedding. From planning to preparation and looking your most gorgeous self is a lot difficult.

We understand how stressful weddings can be. Picking the right makeup, makeover or styling to match your theme, outfit and backdrop can be quite immense. That’s why we are here – to go that extra step with you to ensure that you look your absolute best on your big day. Because we care for you. There are a lot of things that go into the making of a flawless bride which starts with a series of pre-bridal sessions. Plus, these sessions help in a great way to un-hassle and shed off all the tiredness pre-wedding

It is advisable for the brides to start prepping up 8 to 10 weeks before the actual wedding day. Wedium helps you find the best pre bridal services that offers complete Pre Bridal Package in Bhubaneswar. Our pre-bridal beauty package is personalised to suit your skin & hair.

Pre-bridal session is all about exfoliating skin, body cleaning, getting extra hair waxed and even making sure your nails are glossed to perfection.

Our pre-bridal package is a must to pamper the bride a few days before the wedding. For Bridal Makeup packages in Bhubaneswar check out our makeup packages here. Our professional team of beauty experts, who are sure to make you feel like a queen with the best facials services and beauty treatments for brides.

With Wedium you can count on us to make you be your best on the special day of the occasion of your wedding. Surely, it will take a long time and a full process to do a complete makeover. We are sure you will look your best self on this day with our pre bridal makeup packages in Bhubaneswar. Trust Wedium and we will deliver.